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How I Saved 200 Euros per Month on Sustainability

How I Saved 200 Euros per Month on Sustainability

  • Ruben Peters

Is it possible to save euros each month and still live within what a person described as a sustainable way of life? Yes! Consider this scenario: A person normally goes through three plastic bottles per week, which is a total of 8€ each week. Of course, they use more euros than just 8€  per week when you factor in other plastic or paper products. Imagine, if you were able to cut out that 8€  per week, yet still have the bottles that you need? Over time, this would save you 32€ per month just on bottles alone, which averages around 384€ per year. And this is just on plastic bottles alone, and only use three per week. If you add a sustainable coffee mug to your savings, you could save another 15-20€ per week!

What could you do with an extra 200€ per month? Could you take that vacation that you always wanted to take after saving week after week? Maybe you could get that special electronic that you have been dying to have? Or you could tuck this away for a rainy day. Whatever, you decide to do, you are not only being sustainable in your way of life, but you are also saving tons of money each year.

How It’s Done

It really is quite simple when you are wanting to save euros each month, yet also be sustainable. Look at how many water bottles that you use each week. Did you know on average, humans throughout the world purchase 1,000,000 water bottles each minute?! Are you one of these people. The sad fact is that only 23% of these are recycled. Instead, they end up in landfills, polluting the Earth. 

With this fact in mind, being more sustainable is the only option that we have if we truly want to make the Earth a better place. And Flaske is the way to go about this. The Flaske signature bottle is going to allow you to place your beverages in this, without having to result in using a plastic water bottle. What is even better is that the Flaske bottle is designed to keep your cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot. The bottle itself is made from stainless steel meaning that this is a one-time purchase. After purchasing this bottle, I was able to stop using plastic bottles for good!

I purchased the bottle for the about the same as what I was spending on plastic water bottles each month. However, this is a one-time purchase. Month after month, I am banking savings on what I would normally spend. In addition, I purchased a coffee mug from Flaske for a one-time fee, now instead of buying my to-go paper cups for my trip to work, I use this. Before I would spend around 8 euros on a package of cardboard mugs each week. Now, I don’t have that expense, adding even more into my savings. Plus, when I do decide to splurge and go to a coffee shop, I have the savings that makes what use to be a luxury something that is easily affordable. 

flaske bottle sustainable

For those with a family, imagine how spending a little more on a Flaske bottle now could help you in the long run, not only financially, but also on how much plastic you are wasting?! It is amazing, and one of the easiest things that a person can do in order to live cheaper on sustainability.

Adopt Sustainability Throughout Your Home

While the plastic bottles are an easy to make decision, there are tons of other things that you can do that is not only going to save you money in the long run, but be more environmentally friendly. 

  1. Instead of using a disposable plastic razor that will end up in the landfill, why not go with the FLASKE Rose Gold Razor that is meant to be used for a lifetime, with replacement blades readily available. And you may even find that you get a better shave. If I look at how much I was spending per month on disposable razors, it often admitted to 10 euros a month. While that may not seem like much, over time it adds up. 

  2. I enjoy drinking out of warm insulated coffee mugs over a disposable cup. So, I bought one for around the house and while I’m out on the road. While a coffee in a disposable cup is only a 2 or 4 euros, each month I was spending at least 60-80€ euros per month on purchasing coffee. How many cups do you think end up in a landfill each year? The answer is the majority that are handed out. After all, plastic cups are something that you are just going to throw away and not think twice about. However, these are still products that can be replaced with a more sustainable and budget friendly option. The FLASKE Stainless Steel Coffee Mug is easy to wash and meant to be used over and over again. The next time you think about drinking a coffee, make one at home instead to save on costs, and help the environment.
  3. It is estimated that 4 trillion plastic bags are used throughout the world, and while many people may reuse these once or twice, they still end up in the trash. You can stop this vicious cycle. Consider using reusable produce bags that can easily carry your groceries to your home and eliminate your need for plastic bags. You can even opt to use reusable sandwich bags for the lunch that you pack to eliminate baggies going into the trash. While the shopping bags aren’t saving me money each month, they are helping me to live with a smaller carbon footprint.

Living a life that is sustainable, is not as hard as people think. It is simply making a few changes, and then sticking to these changes. And in many cases, these changes are going to save you money as well, so it is a win-win situation for everyone! With these changes in place, I am able to save around 120-200 euros per month...a small savings that adds up over the year. And it was all on things that I was buying each week and throwing out.

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