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Why We Support The Ocean Cleanup

Plastic islands, fish stomachs filled with bottle tops, coral reefs that resemble black and white photographs, fishing nets dragging up the ocean floor, and a rapidly depleting variety of sea life living in our ocean. There’s no doubt that something must be done to clean up the world’s oceans. 

The Ocean Cleanup is trying to do exactly that!

If you haven’t heard of The Ocean Cleanup yet, let us introduce you...


What is The Ocean Cleanup?

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit environmental-engineering organisation. It was founded by the Dutch inventor Boyan Slat in 2013. Since then, the organisation has grown and now includes an extensive team of scientists, engineers, researchers, and professionals. The team’s common goal is to remove plastics pollutants and revive our oceans. 

In 2018 the first ocean cleaning system (System 001) was launched in the North Pacific Ocean - an area infamous for its floating garbage island. They intend to turn the collected plastic into new products and re-invest the profits in ocean cleaning technology.  

It’s still early days for the Ocean Cleanup project, but after working out the kinks in System 001, the team plans to introduce cleaning systems in more ocean areas and implement new technology that cleans rivers.


Why We Care About The Ocean Cleanup...

It’s estimated that millions of tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea….each year. Much of that waste reaches the sea via rivers and poor sewage systems.

This plastic waste causes a whole host of environmental issues, not to mention the negative impact it has on our health and the lives of wildlife species. That doesn’t sit well with our environmentally-friendly ethos.

The FLASKE team have seen for themselves what happens when plastic waste is carelessly disposed of. Bottle littered beaches in South America, unsafe drinking water, and garbage that floats downstream or gathers on riverbanks. 

We’re dedicated to cleaning up the environment, reducing plastic-wastage, promoting eco-friendly living and sustainable products

That’s why, here at FLASKE, we donate 10% of our annual profits to The Ocean Cleanup. 


How you can get involved...

Does The Ocean Cleanup inspire you to clean up your neighbourhood? Taking on the global plastic problem can seem like an impossible task but Boyan Slat proved that one person can make a huge difference. 


There are several ways that you can support The Ocean Cleanup as an individual:

  • Start by using a reusable water bottle and reusable food containers instead of disposables.
  • Find a beach cleanup event in your local area or community.
  • Purchase recycled products from eco-friendly online stores or directly from The Ocean Cleanup when their first batch goes on sale.
  • Consider your skills and apply for a job with the organisation.
  • Appeal to your local government official to support The Ocean Cleanup project.
  • If you’re not able to volunteer, how about making a financial donation to the project? Or, start a fundraising campaign to support The Ocean Cleanup.

Let’s Cleanup Together... 

Plastic pollution in the ocean isn’t just a result of poor waste management but also of poor consumer choices. The single-use plastic we use in our daily life needs to go somewhere. If not the ocean, then to landfill, or to an incineration facility, neither of which eliminate the pollution problem. 

Of course, The Ocean Cleanup is a giant step in the right direction. We’re 100% behind the clean up but it isn’t the ultimate solution to our plastic pollution problems. The organisation’s goal is to clean up the plastic waste that’s already on and under the sea. It doesn’t tackle the plastic problem at its root. 

Ideally, we should stop the plastic from reaching our oceans in the first place. There are many easy ways to reduce plastic pollution and become more sustainable simply by changing our daily habits. Why not start by exchanging your single-use plastic bottle for a reusable stainless steel FLASKE?


 See you soon!

- Ruben