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Personalised Water Bottles

Want a chic reusable water bottle that reflects your personality and keeps the planet clean?
The FLASKE bottle has your name on it!

An engraved water bottle isn't a novelty accessory. It's a useful and stylish essential that will help you stay hydrated and cut down on single-use plastics.

Our range of personalised stainless-steel water bottles is available in a range of bold colours, and vibrant floral prints, as well as child-friendly patterns and nature-inspired designs. Not only can you engrave your name on the water bottle of your choice, but you can also customise your engraved water bottle with a quick-drink sports lid. Or, add an extra splash of colour with a carabiner attachment.

We've got personalised water bottles that fit perfectly with your corporate business suit, water bottles to compliment your summer beachwear, water bottles for sports enthusiasts, water bottles to match your artistic soul, and water bottles for kids of all ages.

Our personalised bottles are thermally insulated with two layers of food-grade
stainless steel, keeping hot and cold drinks at the right temperature no matter the weather outside.

Whether you need something special for your friends and family, an eco-friendly reward for your top employees, or a personalised surprise for your secret Santa this Christmas, personalised drinks bottles are the perfect gift for all occasions.

Customise Water Bottles with Your Name

Customise Water Bottles with Your Name

Are you tired of losing your water bottle in the staff kitchen? Have you accidentally picked up someone else's sweaty plastic bottle at the gym? Or does your child keep bringing home his or her classmates water bottle instead of their own?

There is a simple solution. Engrave a name on your favourite FLASKE bottle and you'll never lose track of it again.

Custom water bottles also make fantastic birthday presents, Christmas gifts, employee rewards, or promotional products. If you're looking for a gift that's practical but still has a personal touch, look no further than custom drinks bottles.

A customised water bottle is a personalised gift that's stylish, high
quality, and affordable. It’s also useful enough to use on every day and strong enough to enjoy for years.

Why not treat your friends, colleagues, or family members to a personalised FLASKE bottle this Christmas?

Personalized Water Bottles are Great Giveaways

Whether you're organising a charity fundraiser, sponsoring a community fair, supporting a school football tournament, or running a promotional event, you'll need a customised gift that showcases your brand. Customised stainless steel water bottles with double-wall insulation are high-quality gifts that everyone can use every day.

Our personalised water bottles are versatile and practical gifts that promote sustainability at the same time.

Everybody needs to drink and everybody needs to cut down on plastic waste. FLASKE offers personalised water bottles that are leak-free, BPA-free, and built to last. One bottle can replace a lifetime worth of plastic bottles. No matter your target market, you're guaranteed to impress consumers with eco-friendly personalised water bottle gifts.

Plus, our collection of insulated water bottles come in a selection of four sizes and a wide range of colours and styles, you can find the perfect personalised water bottle gifts for your event and your company budget. We offer personalised water bottles for kid's events, corporate trade shows, and everything in between.

Design your own water bottle and boost your brand image at the next giveaway.

Customizing Your Personalized Water Bottles

Customising your very own personalised water bottle couldn't be easier. Just visit the FLASKE Collection, select your favourite bottle, choose from a selection of four sizes, and type your name in the box provided. You'll see your name displayed horizontally on the bottle image so you can see exactly what you're ordering.

Engraving is currently available on all FLASKE Bottles in our Mono, Match, Rainbow, Deep, and Collab series. On the FLASKE Bottles page, you can play around with colours and sizes until you find the best personalised drink bottle for you. When you're happy with your personalised water bottle, click ‘add to cart’.

For even more options, check our water bottle accessories. You can add a burst of colour to your new stainless steel bottle with a handy carabiner clip or purchase a quick-drink sports lid for your next workout.

Personalised drinks bottles are thoughtful gifts too. Why not design a water bottle for your friends and family at the same time?

Personalized Water Bottles for Kids

As soon as kids learn to write, they've got their name printed on everything, walls and carpets included! Why not surprise your little one with a brightly coloured water bottle that's got their name on it? No more searching for your child’s missing water bottle in the school lost property box.

Personalised kids water bottles are an excellent way to teach your children about sustainability. Encourage them to refill their own reusable water bottles and say no to single-use plastics.

We believe that personalised water bottles for kids should be an essential item on the back to school kit list. That's why FLASKE Bottles are available in a selection of child-friendly sizes. Our 260 ml bottle is the perfect size for young children who would struggle with larger bottles. Our 500 ml and 750 ml bottles are ideal for older kids and teenagers. For the mucky pups, consider adding a sports lid to a personalised kid's water bottle. Any of these three sizes will fit nicely in your child’s school bag.

Order Custom Water Bottles Online and Have Them Delivered

Why waste time searching crowded shopping centres when you can order custom water bottles online and have them delivered to your doorstep the very next day. Let us take the stress out of your shopping.

FLASKE strives to maintain high standards throughout the production and delivery process. We print with environmentally friendly ink and all our personalised insulated water bottles are packaged in cylindrical cardboard boxes. These are 100% recyclable and attractive enough to serve as gift boxes. If you're giving our personalised stainless-steel water bottles to friends or family, then there's no need to use extra wrapping paper or gift bags.

We provide free next-day tracked delivery to customers in the Netherlands and Belgium for orders of €29.95 or above.

For bulk orders of at least 30 custom insulated water bottles, FLASKE provides free worldwide shipping. Your branded bottles will be delivered in recyclable packaging within 3 to 4 weeks of placing your order.

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10% of our annual profit is donated to go
towards a plastic free ocean.