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FLASKE Products

Is FLASKE an eco-friendly online store?
FLASKE is an eco-conscious company. We specialise in reusable, plastic-free bottles and food storage containers. Our products help people to reduce waste at home and on the go. All FLASKE products are shipped in recyclable packaging and 10% of profits are donated to The Plastic Soup Foundation.
What is The Plastic Soup Foundation?
Based in Amsterdam, the Plastic Soup Foundation is a single-issue environmental organisation with a clear mission statement; no plastic in our bodies or our waters. Founded in 2011 by Maria Westerbos, the organisation runs environmental campaigns that raise awareness of the health and environmental problems associated with plastics.
What are FLASKE bottles and food containers made of?
FLASKE bottles, coffee mugs, travel tumblers, and food pots are made of high-quality, BPA-free, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.
Where are FLASKE products produced?
FLASKE is based in Utrecht (the Netherlands), our products are produced responsibly in China.
Can FLASKE’s stainless steel containers rust?
Because FLASKE products are made of high-quality stainless steel, they are very resistant to rust.
All FLASKE products are 100% BPA-free.
Can I put my FLASKE in the dishwasher?
FLASKE stainless steel bottles, mugs, tumblers and food pots are not dishwasher safe. Putting your FLASKE in the dishwasher may damage the outer coating.
Can I put my FLASKE in the freezer?
We don’t recommend putting FLASKE products in the freezer. Fortunately, there’s no need for freezing because our double-walled stainless steel containers are designed to keep foods and drinks cold for hours.
Can I put my FLASKE in the microwave?
Never place your FLASKE in the microwave. FLASKE products are made from stainless steel, microwaving will damage the products and the microwave.
What’s the best way to clean a water bottle and other FLASKE containers?
We recommend cleaning the FLASKE with warm water and dish soap after each use and storing it with the cap off. A bamboo bottle brush will help you keep your FLASKE as clean as the day you got it! To deep clean a water bottle, use bicarbonate soda, vinegar, or bleach diluted in water.
How often should you clean your water bottle and FLASKE containers?
Clean your reusable water bottle, travel tumbler, coffee mug, and food pot often. Ideally, you should wash your FLASKE containers daily, or after each use if filled with a beverage other than water. Clean your food flask with warm water and dish soap after every use.
Can I bring my FLASKE when I fly?
If the FLASKE containers are empty, they will pass airport security without any problem. In some airports, you can refill your FLASKE from a drinking fountain after passing security.
Can I put alcohol in my FLASKE containers?
FLASKE drinks containers are perfect for keeping beer, wine and cocktails cold! Our tumbler cup is the best travel container for cocktails. We recommend cleaning the FLASKE containers after putting alcoholic beverages inside.
Can I put milk/carbonated drinks in my FLASKE drinks containers?
FLASKE drinks containers are suitable for smoothies, milky coffees, and other milk-based beverages. You can put carbonated drinks inside your FLASKE too, but try to avoid shaking the bottle and open with care (just like a can of soda). Be aware that pressure building is common when the bottle moves around. We recommend that you don't fill your bottle to the top but leave some space (about 15-20%), just like you see in plastic bottles that are commercially sold. We recommend cleaning the FLASKE after putting non-water beverages inside.
Can I return my engraved FLASKE?
Engraved and personalized bottles, coffee mugs and food pots can not be returned to our warehouse because we can not sell this items anymore.
I put the wrong address in when completing my order. Now what?
Send us an email ASAP to This way we can immediately change your address to the correct one before your order leaves our warehouse. If we receive your adjustment too late (so when your order has been processed), or you find out when delivery attempts fail, you will be responsible for covering the shipping cost to the correct address. If this leads you to want to cancel your order, please be aware that that is only possible when products are not personalised.


What can I use my FLASKE reusable water bottle for?
FLASKE’s thermally insulated water bottle is designed to keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. It’s leak-free and condensation-free. You can use your FLASKE reusable water bottle for anything from hot chocolate to iced tea and coffee to cocktails.
How long will drinks remain cold/hot in my FLASKE water bottle?
FLASKE keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and warms for 12 hours. For the best results, pre-heat your bottle with boiling water, or pre-cool with iced water. Wait for 1-2 minutes then pour out the water and fill with the drink of your choice.
What size are FLASKE stainless steel bottle?
FLASKE has a slim design that comes in four sizes; 260ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1l. The 260ml and 500ml bottles fit most car cup holders and bicycle bottle holders as well as backpack side pockets and day bags. Bottle sizes and weight: 260 ml: 0.21 kg, 20.6 cm x 6.4 cm. 500 ml: 0.30 kg, 26 cm x 7 cm. 750 ml: 0.42 kg, 30 cm x 7.6 cm. 1 l: 0.45 kg, 34 x 8.2 cm.
Is it safe to use a stainless steel water bottle?
Water bottles made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel are the safest metal water bottles to drink from. Stainless steel is a non-toxic material that doesn’t require a liner. Unlike plastic, it doesn’t leach chemicals even if the bottle becomes dented or if hot liquids are put inside. It’s also very strong and safer to travel with than glass bottles.
Are reusable water bottles good for the environment?
Reusable water bottles are good for the environment because they minimise single-use plastic waste. High-quality reusable water bottles are designed to last for years. If everyone ditches single-use plastic bottles and buys just one reusable bottle, less natural resources would be needed because fewer bottles will need to be produced.
What is the most environmentally friendly water bottle?
If you’re asking yourself what the best water bottles for the environment are, we can answer that for you. Stainless steel bottles are the best type of water bottle because they are strong enough to last a lifetime. They’re also recyclable.
Why you should use a reusable water bottle?
Reusable water bottles help to keep the planet clean. Buying one reusable water bottle will save you money because you can refill with tap water instead of buying bottled water. Reusable stainless steel bottles are also better for your health as stainless steel is non-toxic.
How long does a reusable water bottle last?
FLASKE bottles are made from high quality, durable stainless steel. It’s tough enough to be dropped from standing height without damage. If cared for correctly (i.e. cleaned regularly by hand, stored open, not put in the freezer, microwave, or dishwasher) a FLASKE bottle can last a lifetime.
Are stainless steel water bottles better than plastic?
Stainless steel is better than plastic because it’s a non-porous and non-toxic material. Stainless steel is more durable than plastic. It will last longer but it’s also widely recyclable. Unlike plastic, stainless steel is a safe container for hot beverages.
What are the advantages of bottled water vs regular water?
In Europe and the USA, there is no health advantage of drinking bottled water. Tap water is subject to contamination checks which means that drinking tap water from your clean reusable water bottle is just as safe as drinking bottled water.
What can a water bottle be used for?
Firstly, you can use a water bottle to help you stay hydrated. You can take a FLASKE bottle with you to the gym, on a hiking trip, or cycle ride. It’s also stylish enough to take to work and use while out and about. You can use an insulated water bottle for any type of hot or cold beverage.
Are reusable water bottles hygienic?
Stainless steel water bottles are hygienic because they are non-porous and easy to clean. However, you should remember to clean your reusable water bottle regularly and store it with the lid open to stop bacteria growing.
Does the sports lid fits on every bottle?
All bottles ordered in size 260ml, 500ml, 750ml from February 2021 will fit a sports lid. Bottles purchased prior to don’t all fit the sports lids and these can’t be returned (see below link). Bear in mind that for the 750ml the actual straw won’t reach to the bottom so a little layer of water will be left. This is because the sports lid is initially designed for 260ml & 500ml bottles. We don’t sell separate straws for the sports lid. This means that for example: One sports lid fits both 500ml & 750ml but not 260ml & 500ml/750ml. You will require two sports lids for the latter as the straw needs to be cut to fit the 260ml. For more information:
What if my bottle lid is broken?
Bottle lids don’t fall under our warranty policy since this is a user product. They can be purchased separately from our website under Accessories below the Collection menu.


What do you drink out of a tumbler?
Tumbler cups are traditionally used for cold drinks but insulated tumblers, like the FLASKE travel tumbler, are suitable for hot and cold beverages. Travel tumblers are perfect for cocktails, iced drinks, smoothies, alcoholic drinks, and milkshakes because they are straw-compatible and easy to clean.
What is the difference between a tumbler and a water bottle?
Both our travel tumblers and reusable water bottles are thermally insulated; however, they have a very different shape. Our water bottles are slim and tall, available in four sizes, and fitted with screw-on lids. Our travel tumblers are shorter, wider, and feature a straw-compatible lid.
How much liquid does a tumbler hold?
FLASKE’s travel tumblers have a 500 ml capacity.
Can you put coffee in tumblers?
Yes, our insulated travel tumblers are suitable for hot or iced coffee; however, it won’t keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as our travel coffee mug.

Coffee Mugs

What is the best material for coffee mugs?
Double-walled, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel is the best material for travel coffee mugs. Stainless steel is easy to clean, the double-wall prevents condensation and keeps outside of the mug at room temperature.
How do you dispose of coffee mugs?
You can dispose of stainless steel coffee mugs with the rest of your recycling waste or at your local recycling centre. Always check with your local waste collection facility.
What makes a good coffee mug?
The best coffee mugs keep your beverage hot or cold for hours but maintain room temperature on the outside. A good coffee mug is easy to clean, comfortable to drink from, leak-proof, and condensation-free.
Where can I get personalised coffee mugs?
Here at FLASKE, we offer company-branded coffee mugs, water bottles, and travel tumblers. You can even order a travel coffee mug with your name engraved on it (coming soon).
What can I put in a coffee mug as a gift?
Whether your giftee is a coffee or tea lover, travel coffee mugs make perfect gifts. Pair a coffee mug with a packet of Fair Trade coffee, compostable tea bags, or a tasty treat.
How much liquid does a coffee mug hold?
FLASKE coffee mug has a 350ml capacity. That’s approximately equal to a medium-size coffee from popular coffee chains.

Food Pots

What can I put in my FLASKE food pot?
FLASKE food flask is suitable for hot and cold foods. It’s safe to use with both solid and liquid foods (such as baby foods or soup), and comes with a leak-proof lid.
How much does a FLASKE food pot hold?
FLASKE food pots have a 400 ml capacity.
Which material is best for food storage?
Food storage containers made from food-grade stainless steel and food-grade glass are best for food storage. Both materials are non-porous and safe to hand wash with warm water. Of the two materials, stainless steel is more durable and lighter; it’s safer for households with young kids.
What is the best storage containers for food on the go?
A stainless steel pot is the best type of food storage container. Stainless steel is lightweight and durable. A double-walled stainless steel food flask will also keep your foods at the right temperature.
Is it safe to keep food in stainless steel containers?
Yes, stainless steel is non-toxic, doesn’t absorb bacteria, and doesn’t leach chemicals. It’s, therefore, safe to store hot or cold foods inside of stainless steel containers.

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