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Not Sure About Buying A Reusable Travel Coffee Mug? Here Are The Facts

Espresso, cappuccino, americano with an extra shot, or a large soy latte. Whatever you like to drink on the go, sip it from a reusable travel coffee mug

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favourite hot or cold beverages while out and about. But, the environmental price of this disposable coffee cup culture is way too high. 

Many disposable coffee mugs are made from Styrofoam, a type of plastic which never breaks down entirely. Instead, it stays for thousands of years polluting the earth with toxic chemicals and affecting sea life. Single-use paper cups cause pollution too because they have a plastic liner. That’s what stops a paper mug from falling apart and leaking coffee onto your shoes.  Biodegradable coffee mugs an improvement on Styrofoam and plastic-lined disposable coffee mugs, but they still require specific conditions (i.e. an industrial facility) to biodegrade fully. 

Waste management and recycling systems simply can’t keep up with the daily flow of disposable coffee mugs, so the majority end up in oceans, rivers, and other waterways. 

Coffee drinkers aren’t the only people responsible for disposable coffee mug pollution. The same problem applies to any hot or cold drink that comes in a disposable mug. That includes hot teas, iced teas, milkshakes, freshly blended fruit juices, and winter hot chocolate.  

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So, should we abandon the ‘to-go’ coffee culture? Or, is there a sustainable alternative to a disposable coffee mug?

Yes, there is. 

It’s easy to reduce your coffee waste with an eco-friendly insulated coffee mug made from top quality and food-safe stainless steel. One that’s tough enough to use for years, safe to drink from, and stylish enough for every occasion. Like the 350 ml FLASKE Coffee Mug

Let’s ditch disposable coffee mugs for good. Here are more reasons why you should buy a reusable coffee mug right now.

Safe to drink from

Environmental issues aside, there are several health concerns related to plastic food and drinks containers. The first is that many plastics contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a substance that has been linked too hormone imbalance, behavioural issues in children, cancer, and heart problems. With an insulated coffee mug made from food-grade stainless steel, you can enjoy your coffee without risking your health. 

Travel coffee mugs keep drinks hot or cold

Double-wall stainless steel coffee mugs are even better at insulating than glass drinks containers. A FLASKE Coffee Mug will keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Ideal for long commutes, travelling, or after school activities. 

You can put it in your bag

Do you prefer to drink your coffee at the office, rather than on the commute? With a leek free lid and double-wall construction that insulates your drink inside but maintains room temperature on the outside, you can confidently store your travel coffee mug in your bag. No wet patches and no condensation!

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Travel coffee mugs are easy to clean 

With a squirt of regular dish soap and warm water, a stainless steel coffee mug will look good as new in under a minute. For a deep clean, add vinegar or baking soda, fill to the top with hot water, and leave to soak overnight. 

Bamboo Brush

Take it anywhere

Unlike Styrofoam cups, the best coffee mugs are designed to be used again and again. Remember to clean it regularly and a stainless steel coffee mug can last all your life.

Fits in your car cup holder

Reusable Travel Coffee Mug

Perfect for car commuters, road trips, and occasional long drives, the FLASKE Coffee Mug is designed to fit standard size car cup holders. 

It’s sustainable

Use a travel coffee mug in your daily life, and you’ll keep hundreds of single-use coffee mugs from polluting the planet. All of FLASKE’s insulated food and drinks containers are made from food-grade stainless steel that lasts for years. They’re recyclable and, if put in landfill, won’t leach toxic chemicals. FLASKE products even come in 100% recyclable packaging, and every purchase helps to support the Plastic Soup Foundation

Travel coffee mugs are trendy

Trendy Reusable Travel Coffee Mug

Living more sustainably isn’t just necessary, it’s also trendy! A stainless steel coffee mug in your favourite colour will compliment your outfit far better than a throwaway cup. FLASKE’s travel coffee mugs, available in a selection of bold colours, are suitable for the workplace, for your daily commute, for weekend hiking trips or the kid’s lunch boxes. 

Don’t wait! Buy a reusable travel mug made from top quality stainless steel at the FLASKE online store.

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