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Four Fruity Iced Tea Recipes To Kickstart Your Summer

Healthy, refreshing, and budget-friendly, these fruity iced tea recipes will help you stay hydrated this summer.

Iced tea is one of the simplest cold beverages to make, and yet it’s full of flavour. Add some ice cubes to your FLASKE water bottle or FLASKE tumbler cup, and you’ll be ready for a day in the sun. There’s plenty of different iced recipes to experiment with too!

Get your summer started with these four fruity iced tea recipes!

Brewing Methods

Hot Brew 

The traditional way to brew iced tea is by steeping the tea in hot water and waiting while it cools. This will take some time, so it’s best to make a batch of tea a couple of hours in advance, or the night before. Let it cool to room temperature then transfer to the fridge in an airtight container.

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Cold Brew

Another method is brewing the tea in cold water. Just add the tea to cold water, stir, and allow the mix to sit in the fridge for 12 hours. This method takes longer, but because the tea is allowed to brew slowly, it develops a smoother and sweeter flavour. 

Hot Brew and Cool

This method is the least efficient but the great for those times when you forgot to prep your iced tea in advance. Simply make your tea with hot water as you usually would, let it cool a little, then add a lot of ice cubes. 

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Loose leaf or teabag

Teabags are easier to use because there’s no cleaning needed, just pop it in the bin or on your compost heap (if it’s a compostable tea bag). However, most teabags contain plastic and come in plastic packaging. I always recommend using loose leaf tea because it’s a zero-waste method. Just remember that one teaspoon of tea leaves is roughly equal to one teabag.

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Top Tip: If you choose the hot brewing method, avoid steeping the tea for too long, five minutes should be about right. Leaving the teabags or leaves for too long will give the tea a bitter taste. You can also add a spoon of sugar, sweetener, or syrup to any of these recipes for a sweeter taste.

Four Fruity Iced Tea Recipes

Lemon Iced Tea

This is a classic iced tea recipe that you’ve probably tried before. All you need is:

  • Black tea 
  • Half a large lemon (sliced)
  • Water (1 litre)

Hot Brew – Boil the water and pour over the black tea. Add the lemon and allow to steep until it reaches the desired strength. Remove the teabags or filter the tea leaves but leave the lemon and allow to cool to in the fridge.

Cold Brew – Combine the cold water, lemon, and tea in a reusable container, refrigerate and allow to steep for 12 hours. Remove the teabags or leaves, and it’s ready to drink.

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Raspberry Iced Tea

This one is sweet and tasty. It’s a great addition to a summer picnic or BBQ. For the recipe you’ll need:

  • Green tea 
  • Fresh raspberries (half a cup)
  • Water (1 litre)
  • A splash of fresh lemon juice (optional)

Hot Brew – Boil the water and pour it over the green tea and raspberries, add a squeeze of lemon juice and stir. Remove the teabags or filter the tea leaves after about 5 minutes. Leave the raspberries and allow to cool in the fridge.  

Cold Brew – Combine cold water, raspberries, and lemon and refrigerate for 12 hours. Remove the teabags or filter the tea leaves and serve with the raspberries inside

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Peach & Ginger Iced Tea

I love the combination of ginger – a spice that has a lot of health benefits – and the sweet taste of peach. This recipe uses earl grey tea, but you can also use green tea or black tea. The ingredients are:

  • Earl grey tea
  • Fresh ginger (about 1 tbsp sliced thinly)
  • One lemon (sliced)
  • Water (1 litre)

Hot Brew – Pour hot water over the ginger lemon and earl grey. Allow to steep then remove the tea bags or filter the tea leaves. Allow to cool in the refrigerator with the lemon and ginger inside. 

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Cold Brew – Pour cold water over the tea, ginger, and lemon. Stir or shake and place in the refrigerator. After 12 hours, remove the teabags or filter the tea leaves. 

Lemon & Mint Iced Tea

This is my favourite iced tea recipe because the mint and lemon are light and refreshing. I like to fill my reusable bottle with this iced tea recipe and sip it after a run in the park. For this one, I use:

  • Green tea
  • One lemon (sliced)
  • Fresh mint (dried mint also works)
  • Water (1 litre)

Hot Brew – Boil the water and pour over the tea, lemon, and mint. Allow to steep for about five minutes then remove the teabags or leaves and transfer to a refrigerator-safe container. 

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Cold Brew – Combine the ingredients with cold water in a zero-waste container, leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours or longer if needed. When the flavours have been released, remove the tea and serve. 

Staying hydrated is super important, especially in the summer heat. Fill your stainless-steel reusable water bottle with one of these iced tea recipes and enjoy the fruity flavour on the go!

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