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The Best Sustainable Welcome Gifts for New Employees

Do you remember your first day in a new company? I expect that you do. The excitement of stepping onto a new career path, the anticipation of where that path might take you, and the discomfort of treading in unknown territory.

That’s how many new employees feel when beginning a new job and it’s why it’s essential to make a good impression on day one. Welcome gifts are a vital tool for onboarding new employees to your existing team. Welcoming new employees with high quality and company-branded corporate gifts sets encourages company loyalty, makes them feel at home in their new office space, and demonstrates that your company is prepared to invest in their future.

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Why should you give sustainable corporate gifts to new employees? The product you choose to give your employees should represent the values of your company. If your company prioritizes environmental and social responsibility, then your employee welcome gifts must be environmentally friendly. This will help to set the standard that you expect from your employees.

What makes a corporate gift sustainable? Sustainable corporate gifts fall under a large umbrella. They include office stationery made from renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, or recycled materials as well as gifts purchased from environmentally conscious suppliers. Sustainable corporate gifts can also be reusable items that help your employees minimise waste and live more sustainably in their daily lives.

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In this article, I’ve shortlisted the best employee welcome gifts that will inspire your new employees to adopt sustainable behaviours in the office and on-the-go.

Sustainable Gifts for New Employees

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Personalised Reusable Water Bottles for employees

In this eco-conscious age, every business should consider giving reusable water bottles as corporate gifts. But not any reusable water bottle. The best types of reusable water bottle are thermally insulated and made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that’s safe to drink from and 100% recyclable.

Remember to install a water cooler in your office so all your employees can refill their branded bottles.

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Reusable Coffee Mugs

Personalised Reusable Travel Coffee Mugs for Employees

Why should your employees only enjoy tea and coffee at set times of the day? With an insulated coffee mug, they can drink their favourite beverage at the right temperature whilst completing their most important tasks. A high-quality travel mug with a leak-proof lid will protect office equipment from spillages. Your new employees can also use their company-branded coffee mugs on the morning and evening commute and thereby reduce their use of disposable coffee mugs.

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Stylish Tumbler Cups

Personalised Reusable Travel Coffee Mugs for employees

With a conical design, a slot for a reusable straw, and an opening that’s wide enough for large ice cubes, a branded travel tumbler is ideal for iced summer drinks, fruity smoothies, and healthy shakes. But a double-wall stainless steel tumbler also keeps drinks hot in winter. It’s the most stylish type of drinks container for your new employees.


Thermally Insulated Food Pots

Personalised Reusable Food Post for Employees
If you want to encourage healthy eating and cut down on food waste, give your new employees the option of preparing their lunch at home and bringing it to work. A thermally insulated food pot will keep their hot and cold foods fresh for hours and reduce the demand for takeaway foods and office refrigerators.

On-The-Go Gift Sets

If your employee onboarding programme has a larger budget or your welcoming a higher-ranking member to the team, you might want to consider a more generous welcome package. You can choose to include all, or a combination, of the items listed above, depending on your company budget or the employee’s corporate level.

Customise your Company Branded Gifts for Employees

Whatever you choose to give your new employees should be branded with your company name and logo. Your branded gift will make them feel like part of the team but, as a bonus, it will help to advertise your brand name when they use it outside of the office.
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It would also help to customise your corporate gifts so that they reflect your brand’s character or office culture. Does your office have a strict dress code? A sleek pink or black tumbler cup could be an appropriate gift. Is your team more artistic? Maybe a brightly coloured bottle would reflect the office atmosphere. If you promote health and fitness? Perhaps you should gift a branded reusable water bottle with a specially designed sports lid.

Get It Right on Day One

Whether you’re a big company welcoming your 5000th employee or a small start-up welcoming your 5th, making a positive first impression will go a long way to making your new hire feel at home. Make sure it’s part of your employee onboarding programme.

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Reusable food and drink containers aren’t just excellent welcome gifts for employees in the food and beverage industries. Everyone needs to eat and drink, and everyone likes their hot drinks to stay hot and their cold drinks to stay cold. That’s why thermally insulated water bottles, travel tumblers, reusable coffee mugs, and leak-free food pots are the best welcome gifts for new employees!

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Stop plastic

When you use a refillable water bottle, you don't need to buy any more single-use plastic bottles. You save waste and money.

Raise awareness

A sustainable corporate gift offers food for thought. The current way of consumption is no longer acceptable.

Save the oceans

It not only harms the environment, but gets into our food as microparticles.