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10 Sustainable Secret Santa Gifts That Will Surprise and Delight

It’s that time of year again. Fairy lights are appearing on high streets, mulled wine is bubbling on the stove, Christmas ads are in your inbox, and a blank shopping list sits on your kitchen table. Of course, you’re already on multiple secret Santa lists too.

As much as we love Christmas, we have to admit that it’s the worst time of year for the planet. Thanks to all the extra shopping, the enormous Christmas dinner, and the novelty gifts that get thrown away in January, Christmas is an environmental nightmare.

Secret Santa gifts are one of the problems. We’ve all been there. We’ve all pulled a name out of the hat, the close co-worker that you chat to on lunch breaks or the person you see at the coffee machine from time to time, and you have no idea what Christmas gift to buy. So, you wrack your brains and end up buying something that is cheap, impersonal, and likely to get thrown out.

Let’s do it differently this year. Instead of wasting money on disposable items, give sustainable secret Santa gifts instead.

Here’s a shortlist of the best secret Santa gift ideas that are useful, sustainable, and inexpensive.

Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle

reusable stainless steel water bottles

A stylish and thermally insulated stainless steel water bottle would be a useful gift for anyone on your secret Santa list. In the FLASKE Collection, you can select from four bottle sizes, and a huge variety of colours and patterns, including camouflage prints for little adventurers and nature-inspired prints for outdoors lovers.

Organic Cotton Shopping Bags

Organic Cotton Shopping Bags

Do you know someone who always forgets to bring a shopping bag? Or someone who’s still using disposable plastic bags? Give them a reusable shopping bag that they can hang by their front door, store in the office, or put in their day bag.

Reusable Coffee mugs

best insulated travel coffee mug

Disposable coffee mugs are one of the biggest pollutants on the planet. An insulated reusable coffee mug will reduce the number of coffee mugs going to landfill and help your friends, co-workers, or family members to enjoy their warming winter hot chocolates at the right temperature.

Organic Tea & Coffee

Did you know that most teabags contain plastic fibres that don’t biodegrade? For those who like to prepare their hot drinks at home, organic tea and coffee from a Fair Trade certified supplier are fantastic zero-waste Christmas gifts.

Stainless Steel Straws

stainless steel straw

For all the Christmas cocktails and mocktails that will be enjoyed over the festive season, inspire your secret Santa recipient to say no to plastic straws. A quality set of dishwasher-safe stainless-steel straws won’t break the bank and would go perfectly with the next item on this list.

Travel Tumblers

buy travel tumbler online

Travel tumblers are the most versatile type of drinks containers. The wide opening and straw compatible lid make them ideal for a range of beverages, including fruit-infused water, healthy smoothies, and tasty cocktails.

Insulated Food Pots

insulated food pots

100% leak-proof, plastic-free, and thermally insulated for hot or cold foods, a stainless steel food pot is a unique Christmas gift that will help to reduce food waste. It’s perfect for taking lunch to work, school, travelling, or a summer picnic.

Homemade Treats

The best kind of Christmas gift is always homemade. If you’ve got a talent for baking, why not surprise your secret Santa with a homemade Christmas pudding, Vegan-friendly cakes, or a savoury treat. You can package your homemade secret Santa gift in a recyclable box or pop it inside a reusable food pot.

Gift Cards

Gift card

There’s nothing more wasteful than an unwanted gift. Instead of guessing what your secret Santa might want, why not buy a gift card for an environmentally conscious retailer and let them choose for themselves? FLASKE offers pre-loaded gift cards starting from €10.

Personalised Food & Drink Containers

personalised stainless steel water bottle

A personal touch is the difference between a good secret Santa gift and a great secret Santa gift. Consider getting the name of the recipient laser engraved on the FLASKE product of your choice!

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Don’t get stressed over your secret Santa gift this year and don’t waste your money on throw away presents. Check out the FLASKE Collection for customizable Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to surprise and delight this festive season.

Stop plastic

When you use a refillable water bottle, you don't need to buy any more single-use plastic bottles. You save waste and money.

Raise awareness

A sustainable corporate gift offers food for thought. The current way of consumption is no longer acceptable.

Save the oceans

It not only harms the environment, but gets into our food as microparticles.