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4-pack Stainless Steel Straws

€9.95 EUR

4-pack of reusable stainless-steel drinking straws for on-the -go or at home. With these eco-friendly and hygienic high-quality stainless-steel straws, you don’t have to say no to straws, just to plastic! They are fun to use at home but great to take with your on-the-go or even to restaurants, spreading the word about plastic waste reduction. They are very easy to clean with the included brush. Great for smoothies, cocktails, water and fizzy drinks at restaurants, parties, outdoor trips, camping, or at home. Stainless steel is non-toxic, making it the safest material for you and the planet.

Keep in mind that these straws are not extra straws for the sportlid.

  • 4 straws in one pack
  • Made from highest quality non-toxic stainless steel (18/8 pro grade)
  • The most eco-friendly and hygienic option available
  • Special cleaning brush included
  • ONLY for cold drinks! The steel can get hot
  • Packaging from recycled carton

These straws are not the sportlids!

With this you reduce even more plastic in the world

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