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Plastic Soup Foundation

FLASKE is proud to support the Plastic Soup Foundation!

FLASKE’s collection of sustainable food and drink containers goes a long way towards cutting plastic waste at its source. That is, reducing plastic consumption by supplying stylish and reusable alternatives. But we understand that it’s going to take more than reusable water bottles to restore the planet to a healthy state.

As an environmentally and socially responsible company, FLASKE is keen to support the Plastic Soup Foundation. As of August 2020, FLASKE became a Bronze Business Angel for the Plastic Soup Foundation. We’ve already donated €1,815 to this eco-conscious organisation and we look forward to donating another 10% of FLASKE profits to the Plastic Soup Foundations in the new year!

What is the Plastic Soup Foundation?

No plastic in our water or our bodies

Mission & Vision

  • Prevent plastic pollution in the environment by stopping it at its source (i.e. at production).
  • Reduce global plastic production and consumption.
  • Raise awareness of the health risks associated with plastics and microplastics in foods and drinks.

Based in Amsterdam, the Plastic Soup Foundation is a single-issue environmental organisation with a clear mission statement; no plastic in our bodies or our waters.

Founded in 2011 by Maria Westerbos, the organisation runs environmental campaigns that raise awareness of the health and environmental problems associated with plastics.

Their message has been heard across the globe and successful campaigns, including ‘Beat the Microbead’ have already led to legislation change in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Why does the Plastic
Soup Foundation needs our help?

Although the Plastic Soup Foundation is an independent organisation, it relies on environmentally-conscious businesses, like FLASKE, for financial donations. By donating 10% of FLASKE profits, and encouraging our customers to ditch single-use plastics in their daily lives, we ensure that the Plastic Soup Foundation can continue campaigning for a cleaner earth.