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Best Unique Personalised Corporate Gifts for New Employees

If you want to attract and retain new employees, it’s essential to make them feel welcome on their very first day. A personalised gift is one of the best ways to introduce new employees to your brand and your company ethos. 

We all like to feel appreciated.  New employees are no different, and when your employees feel that their presence is valued, it leads to better job satisfaction and better work output. So, if you’re looking to build a positive relationship with all your new employees, giving a quality corporate gift is a smart place to start.

There’s a lot of employee appreciation gifts to choose from, but it’s important to select the right welcome gifts for new employees. Your gift should say ‘welcome to the team; this is who we are; these are our values; we hope you thrive with us’. Visit our Flaske collection for check right welcome gifts for new employees

Here are four personalised employee gift ideas to get you started.

4 Personalised Welcome Gifts for New Employees

The best welcome gifts for new employees are the ones that are useful, timeless, long-lasting and reflect your company ethos. Your employees should be able to use their gift all year round, inside the office or in their leisure time. With these values in mind, we recommend the following employee gift ideas. 

Insulated Reusable Water Bottle

What is it?

A multi-purpose personalised water bottle made from food-grade stainless steel. This bottle is leak-proof, BPA-free, and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours.

Why is it a great gift for employees? 

It’s a stylish and useful gift that will help your employees stay hydrated whilst promoting plastic-free office practices. Your employees can use this water bottle at work, on the commute, at the gym, or on vacation, making it more than just a token gift. 

Is it customisable?

Yes, the FLASKE bottle is available in four sizes and a huge range of colours. You can pick the design that best reflects your business or office atmosphere. You can also consider personalising the bottles with quick-drink sports lids or carabiners for the sporty members of your team.


reusable Water Water


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Insulated Coffee Mug

What is it?

A 350 ml travel coffee mug made from food-grade stainless steel. The FLASKE Coffee Mug is BPA-free, leak-proof, and suitable for hot and cold beverages.

Why is it a great gift for employees? 

Nobody likes to drink from polystyrene cups, but ordinary coffee mugs don’t insulate. With a company-branded insulated coffee mug, employees can enjoy the hot or cold beverage of their choice at the right temperature. Plus, the leak-free lid will protect office equipment from spills. An insulated travel coffee mug isn’t just for office workers though; it’s also a practical gift for people who work outside the office, such as manual workers, surveyors, door-to-door-sales, or drivers.

Is it customisable?

Yes, the FLASKE Coffee Mug is available in a selection of colours. You can add your company branding to any bulk order. For individual purchases, you can choose to engrave a FLASKE Coffee Mug with your employees’ name.

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coffee Mugs



Travel Tumbler

What is it?

A 500 ml insulated tumbler made from food-grade stainless steel. The FLASKE Travel Tumbler features a wide opening and a straw-compatible lid.

Why is it a great gift for employees? 

Tumbler cups are one of the trendiest types of takeaway containers. Your employees can put almost any type of drink in this conical tumbler cup and sip it from a reusable straw. It’s fantastic for iced beverages in the summertime or hot drinks in the winter. 

Is it customisable?

Yes, the FLASKE travel tumbler comes in a selection of bright and stylish colours. Company branding can be added to any bulk orders, or you can engrave employee names on each tumbler cup if ordering individual items. 

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tumbler cups


Insulated Food Pot

What is it?

A 400 ml insulated food flask that keeps hot foods hot for up to 6 hours and cold foods cold for up to 10 hours. FLASKE insulated food containers are leak-proof, BPA-free, and made from food-grade stainless steel.

Why is it a great gift for employees? 

Who doesn’t like to eat their food at the right temperature? With an insulated food pot, your employees can cut down on tasteless takeaway sandwiches and unhealthy snacks. Instead, they’ll be able to prepare a healthy lunch at home and enjoy it in the office. Like an insulated coffee mug, this is also an excellent gift for people who don’t work in the office.

Is it customisable?

Yes, you can choose from a black or white food pot and have your company branding printed on any bulk order of FLASKE Food Pots. Alternately, small businesses might prefer to order individual items and personalise each food pot with an employee’s name. 

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Food Pots

Make a good impression with your new employees, and you’ll certainly be rewarded in the long-term. For more information about FLASKE’s welcome gifts for new employees, please visit our onboarding new employees’ page.

Stop plastic

When you use a refillable water bottle, you don't need to buy any more single-use plastic bottles. You save waste and money.

Raise awareness

A sustainable corporate gift offers food for thought. The current way of consumption is no longer acceptable.

Save the oceans

It not only harms the environment, but gets into our food as microparticles.