Zero-Waste Lunch Set


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Stylish, practical, and plastic-free, with FLASKE’s zero-waste lunch set you can say goodbye to supermarket sandwiches. 

Instead, take your homemade meals to work in the airtight food flask. Replace cling film with reusable beeswax food wrap or send the kids to school with a sustainable sandwich bag. Our eco-friendly lunch kit has everything you need to go zero-waste.

Want to inspire your friends, family, or colleagues to be more sustainable? Our zero-waste lunch set is the perfect gift. The sleek food pot and natural bamboo cutlery set are stylish enough to take to the office and durable enough for an adventure in the great outdoors

Meanwhile, our coloured beeswax wraps and sandwich bags are made of natural, antimicrobial materials

Do your part to protect the environment with this zero-waste lunch set and we’ll do ours by donating 10% to The Ocean Cleanup.

FLASKE’s zero-waste lunch kit contains:

Food Pot - 400ml

Suitable for a range of foods this 400ml screw-top container keeps foods hot up to 6 hours/cold up to 10 hours. Ideal for hearty winter soups and fresh summer salads. The food pot is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel that’s tough enough to tackle daily life.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Made from natural bamboo, this rustic 3-piece cutlery set is lightweight, durable, and 100% biodegradable. Each set comes with a convenient storage pouch. Slip this set inside your bag and you’ll never need plastic cutlery again.

Beeswax Wrap

100% natural, FLASKE’s 3-pack of beeswax food wraps helps you ditch disposable foils and minimise food waste at home. The wraps are flexible, washable (by hand), and reusable. Plus, their antimicrobial properties keep sandwiches fresh for longer!

Sandwich Bag

Suitable for kids and adults, our organic cotton sandwich bags feature fun and funky prints. Ideal for storing dry foods and loose teas, the bag features a quality zippered closure for on-the-go usage.