Tongue scraper

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Effective copper tongue scraper for better oral hygiene and better health. FLASKE’s tongue scraper is made from 100% pure copper. Copper has several amazing benefits; It has antimicrobial properties, doesn’t rust or collect mold, and can be recycled. These benefits were well-known in ancient cultures, specifically in the Ayurvedic tradition. Now it has been proven by science as well and ancient practices resurface in modern times. Before brushing your teeth, simply apply the tongue scraper to effectively remove bacteria and other remains from your tongue. This will eliminate bad breath, but also improve your taste. Additionally, removing bacteria from your tongue prevents them from entering your digestive system, improving your immune system in the long run. The curved shape of the scraper enables you to properly reach every part of your tongue and the smooth edges ensure no injuries will occur. The comfortable handles provide a good grip during the scraping process and they are bendable, making the scraper suited for every mouth and tongue size. This is a habit you don’t want to interrupt during your travels; therefore, we include a robust stainless-steel travel case with the FLAKSE tongue scraper. This small habit has the potential to greatly impact your life without any harm to the planet! 

  • Made of 100% pure copper
  • Eco-friendly
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Doesn’t rust or collect mold
  • Easily removes bacteria, food remains, and dead cells from tongue
  • Improves breath, taste, and the immune system
  • Has wide scraping edge for effective cleaning
  • Comfortable bendable handles for good grip
  • Fits every mouth size
  • Includes robust stainless-steel travel case 
  • Weight: 0,1g