Bamboo Cutlery

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Stylish reusable travel bamboo cutlery set straight from nature for your meal moments on-the-go. This eco-friendly 3-piece cutlery set includes a fork, knife, and spoon and is essential for your meals on the road or while travelling. Bamboo is a 100% natural material — and therefore biodegradable — and has antibacterial properties. Bamboo is a hard wood and therefore lends itself as a very durable alternative to single-use plastic options. Each piece has a nice finish, creating a pleasant feel in your hands and mouth while eating with our planet in mind. The cutlery is light-weight and easy to carry along to events, parks, nature, or camping in the included pouch. Take your sustainable lifestyle with you, wherever you go and help safe the planet!

  • 3-piece cutlery set with fork, knife and spoon
  • 100% natural biodegradable bamboo
  • Great finish, pleasant touch
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Pouch included
  • Packaging from recycled carton