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The sustainable corporate gift that will surprise and delight!

Last year, companies ordered more than 7000 bottles from us, meaning that together,

15.190 kg of plastic have been saved from being dumped in our oceans.

Do you also want to lead the way in reducing plastic waste worldwide, choose sustainability and increase your brands visibility? 

Order FLASKE products for your next corporate gift or special event, and give a gift they’ll love all year round.

Hit us up by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button, share your logo, your quantity and we will send you a free sample!



○ Laser engraving or logo printing in two Pantone colors of your choice.

○ Logo size is at:
- 260 ml (50mm x 50mm)
- 500ml (50mm x 90mm)
- 750ml (50mm x 120 mm).

○ The co-brand logo is on the other side of the FLASKE logo.

○ Free worldwide shipping on all orders!


○ All logos must be delivered in .ai or epc format.

○ Once the sample is approved, before we get started with your order, you must make a pre-payment.

○ Minimum purchase is 50 FLASKEs.

○ Discount is valid from 100 FLASKEs.

○ Standard delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks from the date the pre-payment has been paid.


Happy to see that our employees don't use plastic waste bottles anymore and they are super proud to walk with this sustainable bottle with sportlid. The bottles are from high quality and look amazing. Thereby, the motivation to drink more tap water gets easier.


We started with a personalized Dopper, but soon discovered that it was leaking and started to mold. Then we switched to FLASKE and this bottle is so much better. We get a lot of compliments about it. Our employees use it all day, which is good for our brand awareness. This way they all see that we contribute to clean nature and opt for sustainable.


We decided to treat all our employees to a branded and personalized water bottle for a Christmas gift. The engraved logo and names look perfect and the water bottles are very high quality. The ordering process was very smooth and Ruben from FLASKE made sure that everything worked out well and in time for our Christmas party. I can highly recommend and would order again.
The whole team loves the present, since everyone can use a cool a water bottle and I love seeing the bottles dotted around the office!

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10% of annual profit is donated to The Ocean Cleanup.