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On the Go

Be more eco-friendly with our stylish range of On-the-Go products. Need an attractive water bottle or a thermos coffee mug for your commute to work? How about durable food-pots or stainless-steel straws that help you go plastic-free? Our On-the-Go products are made from food-safe stainless-steel or eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and unbleached cotton. They’re customisable too!


Bathrooms produce more waste than any other room in the house. Replace disposables with our eco-friendly bathroom products. Our bamboo toothbrushes, washable makeup pads, and cotton swabs are 100% bio-degradable. Our shampoos and soaps are 100% plastic-free and our Rose Gold Razor lasts a lifetime!


Environmentally-friendly kitchen products are an elegant addition to your zero-waste kitchen. Our reusable sandwich bags, beeswax wrap, and silicon lids make it easy to reduce food waste. Plus, inspire your friends to say no to plastic with our washable produce bags and unbleached cotton tote.

Gift Sets

Want to give your friends and family gifts that are both memorable and practical? Surprise your loved ones with an environmentally-friendly gift set. Our set of reusable containers is the perfect zero-waste starter kit. Ideal for taking to work, on vacation, or out and about. Find more eco-friendly gift sets on this page. 

Best Sellers
Our best sellers are guaranteed to make your life more sustainable. Replace your plastic bathroom items with washable makeup pads, plastic-free toiletries, or a bamboo toothbrush. Treat your iPhone or Samsung to a bio-degradable phone case or minimise waste with our stainless-steel food and drink containers.

FLASKE is not alone on our eco-friendly mission. We’ve partnered with people who support zero-waste living and sustainable action. Together we aim to make our planet plastic-free. We’d love you to join us!

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Zero-waste bathroom products, plastic-free food containers, stainless-steel bottles, environmentally friendly gift-sets, and more. It’s time to go green and make our daily lives more sustainable. Here you can browse the entire FLASKE collection.