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Simple Swaps to get a Zero-Waste Bathroom

Simple Swaps to get a Zero-Waste Bathroom

  • Ruben Peters

The bathroom doesn’t take up much space compared to the dimensions of the entire house but is possible that it might contain more waste than the waste from all other parts of your home taken together. And all of this waste is one way or another, going to the ocean and cause damage to our dear planet.

Living in the modern era, where tons of tons of plastic waste is ruining the marine life and killing thousands of animals daily, comes with a wide range of responsibilities including a certain change in your lifestyle for good.

Our bathrooms are a perfect example of all the kinds of plastic products which we use. While there are many taking an initiative to help the planet, FLASKE makes high-quality products that can be used around the home and are completely made of biodegradable materials, with life-long durability.

 If you are considering swapping your bathroom products into biodegradable products with life-long durability, then these are a few to must-consider:

 Bamboo toothbrush and Travel Case:  Cleaning your teeth on a daily basis, twice, is something recommended by the World Health Organization. We provide eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, which is a strong material with antibacterial properties. Even the packaging is recyclable. Thus, you can take a step towards saving the planet while taking care of your oral hygiene. The Bamboo toothbrush and its travel case are definitely a must-have.

 Natural Floss:

To Floss or not is rather a personal opinion. But if you are flossing from the regular plastic floss, there is a possibility that it might be covered with PFC's, which is the chemical found in Teflon and can be harmful to health. FLASKE has a better solution to this problem, we provide the Natural Floss, made from a blend of Charcoal fibers and Polyester yarn, coated with Candelilla wax. This floss might not only be a better hygiene decision but also will be considered as a step towards saving the planet.

 Rose Gold Razor: Like all other items in your bathroom, razors are also made of plastic, and thus pose a threat to the environment. Switch to our Rose Gold Razor, made from the highest quality stainless steel. This double-edged razor would definitely look classy on your bathroom shelf. An eco-friendly packing of 10 razors made by recycled carton.

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