Plastic vs. stainless steel – 6 reasons why you have to say goodbye to your plastic bottle today

We are becoming more aware of our lifestyle nowadays. The fact that what we do has an effect on our health. Drinking enough water is a good example of this. We also find it increasingly important that we must cherish the world in which we live. And plastic is a material that is bad for both. In this blog I explain why a stainless steel bottle is the replacement for the plastic bottle. Not only for the environment, but also for you.

Here you will find 6 reasons - ranging from very important, ethically responsible reasons, to just nice extras - to leave that plastic bottle for what it is and consider the stainless steel bottle as your new buddy. Today.

#1 Your health!

Not many people know this; but the water you drink from your plastic bottle is not nearly as healthy as you think. When the plastic bottles are reused, the toxic substance BPA (Bisphenol A) is released. This nasty, synthetic substance has an effect on your hormone balance, which can cause the disease 'stubborn belly fat'. In addition, the substance is associated with cancer, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and fertility problems. That makes water from that plastic bottle just a bit less healthy. The best replacement: stainless steel. A material that leaves virtually no substance when it is reused. 

#2 The plasticsoupmonster

It is a terrible development; our plastic use creates enormous pollution on our planet. Particularly in the oceans, this creates gigantic floating rubbish dumps made of plastic called plastic soup. The alarm bells have been ringing for a while and the plastic consumption should decrease, if not disappear. The choice of a reusable stainless steel bottle instead of a plastic bottle seems to me simple in this case. One bright spot in the misery of the plastic problem; there is something to be done about it. The Ocean Cleanup initiative has started removing the plastic from the ocean. And it works.

 * FLASKE donates 10% to The Ocean Cleanup.

#3 Cold stays cold, hot stays hot

In your plastic bottle, it will not be long before your water - or your coffee, wine or sports drink - has the same temperature as the ambient temperature. On a hot summer day you do not want water that is warmer than 25 degrees. And no one is too hot for lukewarm coffee. A big additional advantage of a stainless steel bottle compared to a plastic bottle is the double wall. Cold stays cold for up to 24 hours - even in the sun. Warm stays warm for up to 12 hours - even if it is freezing. So you drink your drink anywhere at the desired temperature. That's just fine.

#4 Liquid belongs ín the bottle

You know it; a cold bottle of water in your bag where your books and exercise books stick to the condensation. Or worse; a leaky or folded bottle that has downgraded your laptop or tablet to old scrap. Then the chaos is really complete. A plastic bottle is useful. A sturdy stainless steel (never folds) bottle with double wall (no condensation) and perfectly closing cap with rubber seal (does not leak); You want that.

#5 A plastic bottle is cheaper anyway?

Offcourse. One plastic water bottle costs around € 1.95 (Bottle Spa at the station), compared to a purchase value of € 29.95 of a FLASKE. The difference: a stainless steel bottle from FLASKE lasts for years. If you use it five times a week, you already have the price within three weeks. Sustainability is long-term thinking, even when it comes to costs.

#6 Design

Perhaps the least important reason, but it is one. The design of the bottle you purchase. What do you prefer? A stainless steel bottle with a hip design of your choice? Or a transparent bottle that does more harm than good? That question seems easy to answer, right?


 Two examples of FLASKE designs. You will find them all in our shop.


The problems range from major problems - plastic soup in oceans and pathogenic substances - to seemingly minor dangers - the right temperature, non-leaking liquids, an advantage in €€€ and a nice-looking bottle. But one thing is clear. Whether it's big or small problems, the stainless steel bottle wins time and again from the plastic design. So let's take on the struggle against plastic and win. Let your health be an extra motivation and the design and temperature fun additions.

Let go of that plastic bottle and grab that FLASKE.