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Have you already started the Plastic Free July challenge?

Have you already started the Plastic Free July challenge?

  • Ruben Peters

In this month it is intended that you no longer use plastic in daily life. Think of shopping your groceries without using plastic. Here you can, for example, bring your own reusable bag for your fruit instead of the plastic bags that are available in your supermarket.

To help you with this, we have created the following calendar for you.

Every beginning is hard, but you just have to start! Try to replace or ditch one plastic item every day.

When you start this, you will quickly see that you want to keep changing your use of plastics. You are in fact improving the world. You reduce the single use of plastic by using sustainable and reusable products. This feels good!

Start small and share your experiences with your family, friends and colleagues. See if they are already participating in Plastic Free July.

There are a number of sustainable products that FLASKE already provides. You can purchase this if you do not have it yet. Do you already have your own lunch box or another product with sustainable meaning? Then don't buy another one, because this is also waste.

Here you will find the sustainable FLASKE products sorted by date of the calendar:

July 1: Reusable straws. We provide reusable straws with case.

July 2: Reusable cups.

July 4: Lunch box (Food Pot).

July 5: Reusable water bottles. We provide sustainable water bottle with straw.

July 20: Reusable shopping bag / reusable grocery bags or reusable produce bags.


At FLASKE we are working hard to expand our sustainable living.
Which products would you like to see in the FLASKE range?

Leave a comment under the Facebook post or Instagram post with which products you would like to find in the FLASKE webshop.

We also provide corporate reusable water bottles, corporate reusable straws, corporate reusable bags and corporate gift reusable straws with company logo and color.  

If you are interested, please mail to:

Enjoy your week and see you soon!